Welcome to the Airlines Association of Southern Africa (AASA)

The Airlines Association of Southern Africa (AASA), is an organisation which was formed in 1970 to represent the mutual interests of its Members. Membership is open to all airlines based in countries south of the equator, including the Indian Ocean Islands. There are currently 19 Airline Members. In addition, Associate Membership is open to airline partner organisations. There are currently 35 Associate Members, including infrastructure service providers, several oil companies, major aircraft manufacturers, engine manufacturers, ground handling companies, service providers, other industry associations and partners.

AASA is the representative airline organisation within Southern Africa working together with the leaders of the aviation industry and senior public and government officials on matters of policy, legislation, regulation, planning, operational efficiency, safety, security and finance, affecting the overall profitability of the airlines and their continued sustainability. AASA also leads and coordinates the airline industry position on airport, airspace and civil aviation issues, as well as consumer legislation, environmental and tourism matters, and provides media response to important industry issues. AASA’s responsibility includes the representation of SADC-based airlines on the SADC Civil Aviation Committee as the Airline Consultative Member. AASA is also a regular participant and contributor to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) initiatives in the region.

With AASA’s focus concentrated on any issue impacting the airline business, the regular liaison and good working relationship with its Members and partners is highly valued.

AviaDev 2019: African aviation leaders confirm their participation
April 5, 2019. AviaDev news. 

The final preparations for AviaDev are now underway. Don't miss this crucial chance to have scheduled meetings with the route planners and airlines for Africa, all with one common goal - to increase the connectivity to, from and within the continent.
Download the programme for more information about the conference.

Airlines plead for exemption from carbon tax
March 12, 2019. Linda Ensor for Business Day, South Africa. 

The airline industry made a strong plea in parliament on Tuesday to be exempted from the proposed carbon tax saying it will undermine its competitiveness.   
    The tax only applies to economic activities which emit greenhouse gases within South Africa and will therefore not apply to international airlines. 
     AASA CEO, Chris Zweigenthal, argued that the failure to exempt domestic flights from the tax would undermine competitiveness of domestic airlines, reduce the return on investment for taxpayers from state-owned airlines SA Airways and SA Express and reduce the return on investment for local private sector airlines. Read the original article here...

Aviation Africa Summit 2019: Flying Forward Together
February 27 - 28, 2019. Aviation Africa, Kigali, Rwanda. 

The fourth edition of the Aviation Africa Summit & Exhibition saw more than 800 delegates from 71 countries converge on the Kigali Convention Center. The audience included government ministers, air chiefs of staff and directors general of civil aviation authorities with representatives from 35 African nations. Industry is well supported in the exhibition hall with 100 exhibitors including Host Sponsors Nexus & Wyvern, Platinum Sponsor Gulfstream and Gold Sponsors Bestfly and Airbus.
    Chris Zweigenthal, represented AASA at the Aviation Africa Summit Session held on Wednesday 27 February. The topic was: Growth or survival? Developing strategies beyond survival for regional cargo and passenger markets. The panelists included: Sanjeev Gadhia, CEO, Astral Aviation (Kenya) ; Chris Zweigenthal, Chief Executive, Airlines Association of Southern Africa (South Africa); Rui Carreira, CEO, TAAG (Angola); and Fadimatou Noutchemo Simo, Director Strategy & Development, Cronos Airlines (Equatorial Guinea). The panel was moderated by Victoria Moores, Air Transport Editor, African Aerospace & Air Transport World (UK). Read more about the Summit here...

Chris Zweigenthal to receive the Ato Girma Wake Lifetime Achievement Award at AviaDev
February 23, 2019. AviaDev Africa news.

Chris Zweigenthal, Airlines Association of Southern Africa (AASA) CEO,  is to receive the Ato Girma Wake Lifetime Achievement Award at the AviaDev Africa Conference to be held from 24 to 26 April 2019 in Cape Town.
    The Ato Girma Wake Lifetime Achievement Award for an outstanding contribution to route development in Africa is a coveted award named in honour of the Godfather of African aviation, Ato Girma Wake
    It is with great pleasure that we announce that the recipient of the 2019 award will be Chris Zweigenthal, CEO of AASA. 
    The climax to the conference will be a one-on-one interview between Ato Girma and Chris, which will explore the origins of Chris’ passion, his journey and will allow him to share what he has learned with the community.

Register to attend the AviaDev Africa "We Soar as One" conference here.

ERA hosts 2019 global Heads of Airline Associations
January 28, 2019. AASA news. Brussels, Belgium. 

At a meeting held on 24 January 2019 and hosted by the European Regions Airline Association (ERA) at Eurocontrol Headquarters in Brussels, airline associations from all over the globe met to exchange information, discuss key issues affecting the aviation industry, and to promote a healthy, safe and growing aviation market. 
    AASA's CEO, Chris Zweigethal, attended and presented his thoughts on the industry skills shortage and his views on how the associations can work together to create an action plan to attract, recruit and retain more pilots and technicians. Read more...

AASA AGA 2018 Report Summary. AASA has released the 2018 AGA Report Summary. The key issues raised are: the implementation of the Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM) Agreement; Human Capital Development ; Connectivity; collaboration amongst aviation stakeholder groups; the sustainability of the Industry; and digital transformation. Download the Report Summary here...

Compliance key to African air connectivity
March 1, 2019. Vicky Karantzavelou, Travel Daily News

Montreal and Kigali - At the Aviation Africa 2019 Civil Aviation Summit taking place in Kigali, ICAO affirmed that Africa’s emergence as one of the world’s fastest growing air transport markets is predicated on a deepening of regional cooperation and investment toward the implementation of ICAO’s strategic plans, standards, and other guidance materials.
    As air connectivity is a crucial catalyst for local and global development, the realization of traffic growth projections will provide significant contributions towards the sustainable development of aviation in Africa, notably in terms of the achievement of the African Union and the United Nations’ goals. Read the orginal article here...

ICAO sign agreement to increase digital framework in aviation
February 12, 2019. International Airport Review

 ICAO Secretary General Dr. Fang Liu signed a new Memorandum of Understanding with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a development which will see the two agencies exploring the specifics for a new trust framework aimed at securing digital communications in the aviation sector.
   Dr. Liu emphasised: “Identity management is critical to the safety and security of air operations when it comes to digital communications in the 21st century and ICAO is eager to explore the potential of how our agency can serve as a digital identity trust-broker for global air transport.”
Read the original article here...

SANSA selected by ICAO to become the designated regional provider of space weather
January 14, 2019. SANSA news.

South Africa has been recognized as a leading player in the space science sector.
   The South African National Space Agency (SANSA) has been selected by the ICAO to become the designated regional provider of space weather information to the entire aviation sector using African airspace. This means that every aircraft flying in the continent’s airspace will rely on SANSA for the space weather information as part of its flight plan. Read more...

January 2019: Air Transport Monthly Monitor 
ICAO publishes the Air Transport Monthly Monitor that provides a global snapshot and analysis of economic and aviation indicators. 

ICAO and South Africa partner on major step forward for gender equality in global aviation
8 to 10 August 2018, Cape Town, South Africa. 

In a major step forward for gender equality and gender action in international air transport, ICAO and South Africa’s Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) were joined by over 500 leaders and experts from around the world in Cape Town for the opening of the first-ever Global Aviation Gender Summit
    Representing Member States and the entire range of air transport sector operations, and bringing perspectives and insights from a range of civil society and United Nations agencies with strong gender equity mandates. Read more...

Cape Town Air Access aims to grow US, West Africa and South America direct route connectivity
March 14, 2019. Selene Brophy, Traveller24

The Cape Town Air Access (CTAA) project, aimed at improving connectivity to the Mother City, will be looking to develop three core hubs for future connectivity - these specifically being to the West Africa, US, and South America specifically.
    Forming the focal point for proactive international air route development in Cape Town and the Western Cape, the initiative has already launched 13 new routes and facilitated 19 route expansions since their inception in 2015. This has doubled seat capacity at Cape Town International Airport, adding 1.5 million two-way seats to the Cape Town network, contributing and estimated R6 billion in direct tourism spend since July 2015. Read the original article here...

The African aviation industry is still growing
March 4, 2019. James Geldenhuys, BizComm 
Source: www.bizcommunity.com 

Africa comprises 2.2% of the global market in terms of Revenue Passenger Kilometers (RPK), which measures actual passenger traffic. This might be a small number on a global scale but is certainly substantial on its own.
    According to Boeing's recent Market Outlook, 1190 new aircraft with an expected value of $170bn will be needed over the next 20 years. This bodes well for the continent in spite of the challenges facing Africa's aviation industry.
    The overall state of air travel and aircraft finance on the continent remain positive, with many carriers weathering the political and economic storms of the past few years very well. Read the original article here...

Africa on the cusp of an aviation boom?
February 20, 2019. Pratap John, Gulf Times 

Continent Africa comprises some 54 countries. Africans total more than 12% of the global population, but surprisingly they make up only 3% of the world’s air travellers.
    Africa has 731 airports and 419 airlines with an aviation industry that supports around 6.9mn jobs and $80bn in economic activity, data show. And according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Africa is set to become one of the fastest growing aviation regions in the next 20 years with an annual expansion of nearly 5%. Read the original article here...

Single air transport market essential for African air cargo sector
February 20, 2019. Rebecca Campbell, Engineering News

The Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM) initiative, which has so far been signed by 28 countries, is of great significance for the continent's air transport sector. So affirmed participants in a panel discussion at the Air Cargo Africa 2019 conference and exhibition.
    "SAATM is a very important initiative," stated Kenyan airfreight airline Astral Aviation founder and CEO Sanjeev Gadhia. "It is the initiative that is going to save the air transport industry in Africa." He pointed out that the continent was divided by what he called "walls in the sky", with many African countries shutting out carriers from other African countries. "This is a continent that is disconnected." 
Read the original article here...

February 2019 Air Passenger Market Analysis 
RPK growth slows in February but load factor remains elevated. Read more...  

February 2019 Air Freight Market Analysis 
Air cargo volumes fall further in February.

IATA launches Diversity & Inclusion Awards
March 6, 2019. IATA news 

The awards, sponsored by Qatar Airways, will highlight the industry’s best and brightest in three different categories.
    IATA has announced a new set of awards to recognise diversity in aviation.
    Launching the IATA Diversity & Inclusion awards, IATA Director General and CEO Alexandre de Juniac said the changing face of the air transport sector is to be celebrated.
    “Aviation is the Business of Freedom—the essence of aviation is building a global community by connecting people, businesses and cultures across great distances. Ten million people work in the aviation industry to make this happen, and it is important that this workforce reflects the amazing diversity and inclusion that it fosters in our society. By launching these awards, we want to recognize and celebrate the great work that is being done to take the industry into the future.” Read the original article here...

How IATA's One Order could revolutionize travel management
March 6, 2019. IATA news 

One reference, One process, One industry
ONE Order aims to modernize the order management process in the airline industry.
   This industry-led initiative intends to replace the multiple and rigid booking, ticketing, delivery and accounting methods, using the data communications advances made possible by the implementation of the New Distribution Capability which will enable the travel industry to transform the way air products are retailed to corporations, leisure and business travellers, by addressing the industry’s current distribution limitations: product differentiation and time-to-market, access to full and rich air content and finally, transparent shopping experience.
   For more information, d​ownload Nina & Pinta Consulting's white paper IATA's One Order.

Dossier: Fit for purpose - The Chicago Convention
January 4, 2019. IATA news. 

The Chicago Convention celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2019 and remains the essential framework for the industry. 

     “The Chicago Convention has proven to be extremely resilient, being subject to very few substantive amendments since its adoption. A unique feature of this agreement is that it provides for the adoption and amendment of standards and recommended practices (SARPs), and in its role as a rulemaking body, ICAO has developed over 12,000 of these provisions for aviation safety, security, facilitation and environment protection. These standards permit civil aviation to respond and adapt to new and emerging opportunities and challenges, including changes in technology, increases in global air transport demand and capacity, as well as new and evolving threats to air safety and security.” Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu, ICAO Council President. Read more...

ATR Steps up Presence on African Safety Scene
March 5, 2019. Alan Dron, MRO Network 

European turboprop manufacturer ATR has agreed to partner with non-profit organization AviAssist to strengthen flight safety awareness and accident prevention activities in Africa.
    The AviAssist Foundation provides impartial, expert safety guidance and resources for the continent’s aviation industry. It operates mainly in the 25 nations that make up ICAO’s East and Southern Africa region.
   Africa has considerably improved its air safety record in recent years, although some nations still lag behind international norms. Read the original article here...

R4.5bn new development at O.R. Tambo Airport
February 18, 2019. Fin24.com

O.R. Tambo International Airport, South Africa's biggest and busiest port of entry, recently unveiled the first phase of a R4.5bn mixed-use development that will see its Western Precinct acquire new offices, retail space, hotel and conference facilities and additional transit-related services.
Read the original article here...

What to expect when biometric gates come into effect at SA airports
January 31, 2019. Gabi Zietsman, Traveller24

As the world faces increasing security threats, with airports as the main point of concern, the rise of biometric technology at these travel hubs are supposed to make it easier to catch the bad guys as well as make travelling a smoother experience. This system has spread throughout the world, and is already on the cards for South African airports.
Read the original article here...

Could women solve the global pilot shortage?
January 24, 2019. J Josephs, BBC news

With the global aviation industry warning of a shortfall of pilots as demand for air travel rises strongly, recruiting more women could go a long way to solving the problem.
    Worldwide air passenger numbers are expected to increase by 6% in 2019, to a record 4.59 billion, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Looking further ahead it predicts that levels could reach 8.2 billion by 2037, led by demand in China, India and Indonesia.
    Boeing, the world's largest plane-maker, says that if passenger numbers do rise to that amount, an extra 635,000 commercial pilots will be needed over the next 18 years. 
Read the orginal article here...

Aviation industry applauds another CORSIA milestone
March 8, 2019. Tatiana Rokou, Travel Daily News  

Geneva – The aviation industry welcomed another significant milestone in the development of the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA). The Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has established a technical advisory body to help determine which emissions offset units can be used for CORSIA compliance.  
   The proposal adopted by the ICAO Council includes a set of criteria which are to govern the types of offsets that can be used for CORSIA compliance (known as the emissions unit criteria – EUC) to ensure that those offsets truly bring environmental benefits, as well as rules to ensure the review process is open and transparent. Read the original article here...

Airbus launches electric airplane race
February 8, 2019. www.bizcommunity.com 

Airbus has announced a global partnership with Air Race E, the world's first electric airplane race set to launch its inaugural series in 2020. 
    Airbus is the official founding Partner of Air Race E. The competition aims to drive the development and adoption of cleaner, faster, and more technologically advanced electric engines that can be applied to urban air mobility vehicles and, eventually, commercial aircraft. Read the original article here...

Setting realistic targets for biofuel production in sub-Saharan Africa  
January 25, 2019. www.bizcommunity.com   

According to a new report from World Wildlife Fund (WWF): Understanding the sustainable aviation biofuel potential in sub-Saharan Africa, while there is a small but not insignificant potential for the production of sustainable biofuels in sub-Saharan Africa, this should be prioritised for the aviation industry.
Read the original article here...

Global climate action effort now counts over 250 airports
January 22, 2019. International Airport Review  

259 airports are now actively engaged in addressing their impact on climate change, and 49 airport operators worldwide are carbon neutral, according to the Airports Council International.
    Following last month’s COP24 UNFCCC Climate Change Conference in Katowice, Poland, Airports Council International has provided an update on the latest developments among the community of 259 airports currently in the global carbon management standard, Airport Carbon Accreditation
Read the original article here...

6 innovations shaping business travel in 2019
March 7, 2019. www.bizcommunity.com

From plastic-free airplanes and electric flights to a suitcase that follows you around to micro-hotels, electric aircraft and chatbots, 2019 is shaping up to be an exciting year in terms of new innovations in corporate travel.
Read the original article here...

Air travel innovation, collaboration key to enhancing customer experience
March 7, 2019. www.bizcommunity.com

The constant and sometimes unpredictable changes in the airline industry demand continuous improvement and different responses if companies are to remain globally competitive and robust. This was the overarching theme of the Board of Airline Representatives of South Africa (BARSA) Aviation Summit, titled Collaborate - Innovate - Disrupt: Propel to 2020, held in Sandton, Johannesburg on 28 February 2019.
     The focus of the summit was on innovation and disruption in the airline industry and the implications for both industry transformation and business operations.
Read the original article here...

Air Botswana to resume Cape Town-Gaborone flights
February 28, 2019. www.bizcommunity.com

Cape Town Air Access (CTAA) has welcomed the announcement by Air Botswana's resumption of flights between Gaborone and Cape Town, effective 1 March 2019. The service will be operated by Air Botswana's new Embraer E-170 jet - which has a seating capacity of 70 passengers and dual-class configuration - on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays in both directions. 
Read the original article here...

The first ICAO/UNWTO Ministerial Conference on Tourism and Air Transport in Africa
February 25, 2019. ICAO news

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Government of Cabo Verde will convene the First ICAO/UNWTO Ministerial Conference on Tourism and Air Transport in Africa. The event will be held in Santa Maria, Cabo Verde from 27 to 29 March 2019.

    ICAO and UNWTO recognize the strong interdependence between air transport and tourism, and are committed to ensuring the sustainable development of both sectors. Maximizing and balancing the benefits of tourism and air transport requires enabling regulatory environments, coherent policies, good governance and quality infrastructure commensurate with the level of predicted tourism and air traffic growth. Read more about the conference here...