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News media, online events and social media platforms are key channels AASA utilises to advance its advocacy messages to a range of stakeholder audiences, including government policy-makers, legislators, regulatory bodies, public health authorities, the business and financial community, as well as industry suppliers and partners.

AASA’s views and messaging on behalf of its Members and the industry features in print, online and broadcast media reports are listed in the table below.


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2 October 2022
Sunday Times, Business Times article. SA braces for airline seat shortages over festive season.
30 September 2022
Airspace Africa article. AASA warns of Disruptions and Cancellations Amid Jet fuel crisis at Cape Town airport
28 September 2022

Engineering News article. AASA begs govt to waive airport fees as jet fuel rations at Cape Town squeezes airlines

28 September 2022
[RADIO INTERVIEW: SAfm] Stephen Grootes interviews AASA's spokesperson, Linden Birns, as AASA takes note with grave concern of the imposition of jet fuel rations at Cape Town International Airport.
23 September 2022

[PODCAST: VoyagesAfriq Interview] Airlines Association of Southern Africa gears up for 52nd AGA - in this interview AASA's CEO, Aaron Munetsi, promotes the AGA and this year's theme: My African Dream. The AGA provides a unique platform for aviation industry stakeholders to share their aspirations for the industry, beyond the horizon of full recovery from the pandemic, and encourage the realization of our collective dream for a dynamic, resilient and sustainable aviation industry.

16 September 2022
[INTERVIEW: Engineering News] In this interview AASA's CEO, Aaron Munetsi, shares his views on the resilience of the SADC aviation industry, and the vital role air transport plays as the prime enabler and catalyist for stimulating intra-African trade, commerce and tourism: Industry perseveres despite turbulent period.
8 September 2022

[PODCAST: AviaDev Insight Interview] A look back on Aaron Munetsi’s first year at AASA and a sneak preview of the upcoming AASA AGAJon Howell, Founder & MD of AviaDev, interviews Aaron Munetsi, AASA CEO and Tatum Kok, AASA's Aviation Analyst. They take a look back at Aaron's first year as CEO, and provide a sneak preview of the upcoming AASA AGA being held from 13 to 16 October at the Arabella Hotel, Golf & Spa.

12 August 2022
[RADIO INTERVIEW: Power FM 98.7] AASA's CEO, Aaron Munetsi, was interviewed by Sonto Ndlovu for the #POWERTalk series about South African Tourism and Trade's 2021 tourism recovery plan and AASA's role in the tourism and aviation sectors, as well as the recent price increase in flights and its impact on the tourism sector.
6 August 2022

[Meeting: SA Minister of Tourism & AASA CEO] SA aviation sector pays higher charges and faces more stringent regulations than sister countries. AASA's CEO, Aaron Munetsi, met with SA Tourism Minister, Lindiwe Sisulu, to outline several problems facing the country's aviation sector amid reports of airline seat shortages and the rising cost of flights, which is hampering the tourism sector's recovery from the 2020 pandemic. 

26 July 2022
AASA's Environmental Committee hosted a Virtual Meeting on 26 July at 10am with Dr Ian Cruickshank. 
12 - 14  July 2022
[Virtual US Trade and Develpment Agency (USTDA) East and Southern Africa Airspace Management Virtual Reverse Trade Mission (RTM) and Virtual Business Briefing] AASA's CEO, Aaron Munetsi, participated in the USTDA Virtual RTM, and Virtual Business Briefing events hosted to expose sub-Saharan Africa’s public and private sector leaders to U.S. aviation best practices, solutions, and services.
1 July 2022[INTERVIEW: Air Transport News (ATN)] In this interview AASA's CEO, Aaron Munetsi, shares his views on AASA's challenges and priorities over the next 3 years, his vision as CEO, and the importance of SAATM and AfCFTA in achieving a successful and  sustainable African and SADC aviation industry.
29 June - 1 July 2022

AviaDev Africa 2022 AASA in attendance representing Members at the AviaDev Africa 2022 conference in Cape Town.

25 June 2022
[PODCAST: iXplore Africa with host Bonolo Ntsime] Interview with Aaron Munetsi - AASA CEO provides insight and shares his views on Intra-African Travel, Air Transport and Tourism.
13 to 15 June 2022
[ADDRESS: African Aviation Summit / MRO AfricaAASA's CEO, Aaron Munetsi, gives the Welcome Address on 14 June at the African Aviation 2022 Conference - MRO Africa in Johannesburg.
8 to 10 June 2022
[SPEAKER: African Aviation Summit / Air Finance Africa

AASA's CEO, Aaron Munetsi, a Speaker at the African Aviation Summit - Air Finance Africa in Johannesburg, shared his insights about the Prospects for Airline Co-Operation and Consolidation in Southern Africa.

6 June 2022
[INTERVIEW: Nomad Africa magazine] In this interview AASA's CEO, Aaron Munetsi, shares his views on AASA's function and role in the SADC aviation industry: Professionalism and access to contacts are essential to overcoming aviation challenges.
3 June 2022
[INTERVIEW: Business Day TV] [WATCH] Comair suspension: Airlines Association says members not deliberately hiking pricesAASA's CEO, Aaron Munetsi, says Members are not deliberately hiking ticket prices in the wake of the Comair grounding.    
22 April 2022
[PANEL DISCUSSION: South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA), National Aviation Conference 2022]  Cleared for Take-off – The future outlook of aviation in South Africa. AASA's C0O, Vivendra Lochan, participated in a panel discussion regarding how the local aviation industry is preparing to resume operations post the COVID-19 pandemic.  
11 March 2022
[RADIO 702 INTERVIEW: Afternoon Drive with John Perlman] Guest: Aaron Munetsi | CEO at Airline Association of Southern Africa (AASA). New appointments to the (air services) council will now have to work through a 12-month-long backlog of applications for new routes.
2 March 2022

[PANEL DISCUSSION: South African Tourism, Meetings Africa, BONDay Educational Session 4]  Challenges faced by the business events industry due to airlift in Africa. AASA's CEO, Aaron Munetsi participated in a panel discussion regarding the challenges faced by the business events industry.  

1 March 2022

[INTERVIEW/WATCH] Tourism Update Online What the southern African airline industry needs right nowAASA's CEO, Aaron Munetsi shares his insights on the airline industry's needs in the Southern African region.

14 February 2022
[INTERVIEW: Business Day TV] [WATCH] Airline industry starts to recover from Covid-19AASA's CEO, Aaron Munetsi comments on the slow recovery from the pandemic-related travel bans in the Southern African airline industry.
10 February 2022
[INTERVIEW: Business Insider] SA airlines haven’t been able to get new routes for almost a year – govt says wait is almost overAASA's CEO, Aaron Munetsi comments on the dormant South African licensing councils and it's effect on the industry.
3 February 2022
[INTERVIEW: CNBC Africa] [WATCH] Realising a pan-African airlineAASA's CEO, Aaron Munetsi provides insight and comments on the developments of a pan-African airline.
10 January 2022

AeroTime Hub. Turning the tide: How policy change is reshaping African air services. AASA's CEO, Aaron Munetsi supports the AU’s SAATM and AfCFTA projects to increase intra-African connectivity for African airlines, enhancing intra-African trade, and regional integration between African countries for the ease of movement of resources, captial and passengers.  

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14 December 2021

[AASA Press Release] AASA statement on UK relaxing travel restrictions on South Africa and other Southern African nationals

3 December 2021[PODCAST: SCIX African Trade Talks with host Chad Chawanda]  Interview with Aaron Munetsi - AASA CEO, discussing why air transport is expensive in Africa and how we can improve the aviation industry in Africa. Following the open skies policy of AFCFTA, he discusses how it will boost trade and tourism, and what needs to be set in place to accelerate this policy.
1 December 2021AFRAA Sky Connect Dialogue December Edition with Aaron Munetsi, AASA CEO. The December Edition of the AFRAA Sky Connect Leadership Dialogue Series hosted a one-on-one dialogue with Aaron Munetsi, AASA CEO. He discussed the industry recovery process in the Southern Africa region; collaboration and competitiveness of airlines in the region; AASA’s perspectives on consolidating the gains Africa has made in aviation; and how to accelerate the pace of rolling out key initiatives to spur continental development and integration.
27 November 2021
[INTERVIEW: eNCA / Courtesy #DStv403] [WATCH] Airlines Association of SA slams UK red list decisionAASA's CEO Aaron Munetsi shares concerns about the new travel restrictions imposed on Southern Africa. It comes after the new Omicron variant was detected in South Africa, Botswana, Hong Kong and Belgium. AASA calls for the bans to be lifted. 
26 November 2021

[AASA Press Release] AASA urges UK government to reconsider decision to red list several Southern African countries

24 November 2021
[SPEAKER: GBTA Southern Africa and International SOS Virtual Conference] Reigniting confidence in the Travel EconomyAASA's CEO Aaron Munetsi shared his insights in the 12:50pm slot about lifting the fog for airline recovery.
17 November 2021
Southern Africa's Travel News by TNW featured article. Regional Travel Feature: Unlock regional air routes! Aaron Munetsi provides insight into of the state of southern Africa's airline and travel industry and the challenges to be overcome.
3 November 2021 
[INTERVIEW: CNBC Africa] Aaron Munetsi on why its so expensive to fly in Africa.
2 November 2021
[PODCAST/INTERVIEW: CapeTalk/702 radio] Travel&Tourism: Air transport industry needs urgent government intervention.
1 November 2021  
ClubOfMozambique.com article. Southern African airlines back action against climate change, but need key issues addressed.
30 October 2021 
Fin24.com article. Digital Covid-19 travel pass must be top priority for SA airlines, says aviation body.
29 October 2021
zawya.com article. Southern Africa air transport industry needs urgent government interventions - AASA.
29 October 2021 EngineeringNews.co.za article. Southern African airlines back action against climate change, but need key issues addressed.
29 October 2021 CAPA/CentreForAviation.com article. AASA: Aviation in Southern Africa 'in a fragile and vulnerable space'.
28 October 2021 [AASA Press Release] Tough medicine needed for air transport in Southern Africa.
28 October 2021
EngineeringNews.co.za article. Southern African airlines body warns that regional recovery is slow and help is still needed.
18 October 2021CAPA/CentreForAviation.com articles. AASA CEO: Pandemic recovery 'is the perfect opportunity to kick start the SAATM' and AASA continuing to lobby governments to support aviation.
15 October 2021Fin24.com article. Opening up the skies the only way to save southern Africa's airlines - new industry body CEO, Aaron Munetsi.
7 October 2021
[AVIADEV PODCAST]  Skyheroes Africa. Episode 180. Featuring Sean Mendis, Aaron Munetsi and Kwame Bekoe.
27 September 2021[AASA Press Release] Aaron Munetsi appointed as AASA CEO.
12 September 2021
City Press article. No councils, no supervision for SAA.
11 September 2021
Fin24.com article. SA airlines flying blind with no air services councils since March.
7 September 2021[AASA Press Release] AASA urges Transport Minister to establish the Air Services Council.
20 August 2021

[Aviation & Allied Business Journal - Valediction Interview] Chris Zweigenthal's final interview as AASA CEO Chris Zweigenthal hopes for 10% of global passenger marketshare in Africa in 10 years.
8 August 2021Sunday Times, Business Times article. Flying in a holding pattern as cash burns.
3 August 2021
[INTERVIEW] The future of South Africa's aviation industry:  eNCA interviewed Wrenelle Stander who addressed the question: 
How long will it take for SA’s aviation industry to get back on its feet and just how much damage has been done?
2 August 2021
Fin24.com article. Recovery of aviation in Africa will take time, says new industry body CEO.
August 2021
SA Flyer magazine. [INTERVIEW] Wrenelle Stander - New AASA CEO and [PROFILE] Woman in Aviation: Wrenelle Stander.
30 July 2021
SACAA Aviation Security Campaign launch. Wrenelle Stander shared a 'Message of Support from Airlines' at the #YOSC event
10 July 2021
Daily Maverick. Interview with outgoing CEO Chris Zweigenthal on his retirement and the aviation industry: The sky's the limit for outgoing CEO
1 July 2021
[AASA Press Release] Wrenelle Stander appointed as AASA CEO.
9 June 2021
AVIADEV Africa 2021 / Ato Girma Lifetime Achievement Award.  AviaDev is the premier route development event for the continent connecting airlines, airports, tourism authorities and suppliers together to improve Africa’s connectivity. This year the event was held online. Chris Zweigenthal (the 2019 recipient) presented the 2021 Ato Girma Wake Lifetime Achievement Award to Adefunke Adeyemi, IATA's Regional Director, Advocacy and Strategic Relations, Africa.
3 June 2021
[INTERVIEW: Air Transport World] Victoria Moores interviewed outgoing CEO Chris Zweigenthal. 
1 June 2021
Research Interview. AASA provided input into an investigation on the impact of COVID-19 on the transport sector in southern Africa.
26 May 2021
[AASA Press Release] Chris Zweigenthal to retire as AASA CEO.
13 May 2021
Trade Interview. South African airlines update.
12 May 2021
Travel News update. Industry developments in South Africa.
10 May 2021
Nomad Magazine. Comments on COVID-19 travel experiences.
10 May 2021
[INTERVIEW: CGTN TV] The impact of the pandemic on Southern Africa and Africa.
6 May 2021
BBC World Service radio interview. Update on the impact of the pandemic on Southern Africa.
29 April 2021
[AASA Press Release] AASA urges governments to speed up vaccinations and provide relief to air travel and tourism sector in order to secure economic recovery.
28 April 2021
African Union. AU Commissioner meeting with IATA, AFRAA and AASA regarding aviation priorities arising from the pandemic.
26 April 2021
KZN Mercury. COVID-19 industry update.
21 April 2021
Sunday Times. Update on airilne industry developments.
8 April 2021
SACAA National Aviation Conference. AASA participated in a panel discussion on the State of Industry with industry leaders from IATA, ACSA, ATNS, CAASA and BARSA.
31 March 2021
Hermes Air Transport Organization. Submission of an AASA article for publication titled Resilience and efficiency through Leadership and Cooperation. Published 9 September 2021. 
27 March 2021
Sunday Times. COVID-19 industry impact update.
25 March 2021
AFCAC Capacity Building Workshop. AASA presentation on challenges facing industry through COVID-19.
3 March 2021
AAIG Webinar. AASA attended this webinar titled Achieving Affordable Air Transport Across Africa. Chris Zweigenthal convened the wrap up and presented the communique.
1 - 2 March 2021
Virtual Summit Review of Civil Aviation Policy for South Africa. AASA and South African Airline Members participated in the National Civil Aviation Policy Review for South Africa. 
4 February 2021
[INTERVIEW] CGTN TV on the impact of the travel ban due to COVID-19.
27 January 2021United for Wildlife presentation: Southern African Task Force progress on sharing the successes of combating international wildlife trade within the region and identifying priorities.

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13 December 2020
Travel News: AASA Outlook for 2021 published.
30 November 2020
[INTERVIEW] Is the airline industry ready for the festive season?  Nompu Siziba of MoneyWeb, SAfm interviews Chris Zweigenthal about developments and new players in the local aviation industry, and how South Africa's tourism demand is looking for the festive season.
17 November 2020
[INTERVIEW: Air Transport World. Chris Zweigenthal, AASA CEO]. Victoria Moores for Air Transport World published by Aviation Week Network. Chris Zweigenthal spoke about how better testing can eliminate mandatory and universal quarantines that kill passenger demand. 
12 November 2020
[INTERVIEW] AASA CEO welcomes South Africa's relaxation of international travel restrictions: Chris Zweigenthal provided a media statement to @SATravelReady and welcomed the full reopening of South African borders to international visitors. 
23 September 2020
[WEBCAST] Rebuilding the industry: Chris Zweigenthal was interviewed about obstacles that the travel industry will still need to overcome to rebuild itself following the announcement that South Africa’s borders will reopen on October 1. 
17 September 2020
INSOL Virtual Conference (INSOL International): Chris Zweigenthal participated in a panel discussion: Shelter in Place? The effects of lockdown and beyond on the travel and tourism industry.
16 September 2020 
[RADIO INTERVIEW] Voice of the Cape: Chris Zweigenthal on the impact of COVID-19 on the industry and the necessity for a restart.
16 September 2020 
[RADIO INTERVIEW] 702: Chris Zweigenthal about industry’s call for the President to open up international travel in order to save jobs in the aviation and tourism sector.
11 September 2020 
Voice of America: Chris Zweigenthal participated in a television story on the state of aviation in Africa - challenges and pressures. 
8 September 2020
[INTERVIEW] Just Africa Aviation: Chris Zweigenthal featured in the JAA interview series: Collaboration; Strength in Numbers.
24 August 2020
[INTERVIEW] Newzroom Afrika: Chris Zweigenthal on business past COVID-19 restrictions.
13 August 2020
Travel News Weekly (TNW) AASA CEO article: Chris Zweigenthal wrote an article titled: Airline hubs in the post-COVID-19 world.
23 July 2020
Africa Tomorrow (AVIADEV) panel discussion: Chris Zweigenthal, joined other industry leaders including: Abderahmane Berthe [Secretary General, African Airlines Association (AFRAA)]; Sanjeev Gadhia [(Vice Chairman, The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA)]; and Raphael Kuuchi [Special Envoy to Africa on Aero-Political Affairs, International Air Transport Association (IATA)] to discuss the challenges facing the African aviation industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
1 July 2020
Global Business Travel Association (GBTA SA) Conversation that Counts: Chris Zweigenthal discussed the impact of COVID-19 on aviation.
29 June 2020
[INTERVIEW] Newzroom Afrika: Chris Zweigenthal spoke about aviation regulations.
8 June 2020 
[RADIO INTERVIEW] VOW (Voice of Wits) FM: Chris Zweigenthal spoke about the impact of Covid-19 on the aviation industry.
5 June 2020
[INTERVIEW] ETV: Chris Zweigenthal spoke about the restart of the aviation industry.
4 June 2020
Radio interview with 702: Chris Zweigenthal is interviewed by Joanne Joseph.
1 June 2020
[AASA Press Release] COVID-19: Resumption of restricted air services a welcome start, but more to do to rebuild the industry and repair the economy.
24 May 2020
Carte Blanche TV feature on the airline industry: Chris Zweigenthal participated in this feature. Most international borders closed, fleets of planes grounded, millions of passengers and billions lost in revenue. The airline industry is facing an unprecedented crisis. The Centre for Aviation predicts that most airlines around the world will soon be bankrupt even as countries ease their lockdown. 
7 May 2020
CNBC Africa interview: Chris Zweigenthal spoke on CNBC’s Africa Power Lunch show on how Southern Africa’s airline industry is impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, and how Africa’s airlines will recover from the losses during the pandemic. 
6 May 2020
Morning Live TV interview: Chris Zweigenthal discusses the need for support for airlines in the Southern African region. 
5 May 2020
China Global Television Network interview: Chris Zweigenthal commented on the dire situation of aviation in Southern Africa.
29 April 2020
Radio interview with Power FM: Chris Zweigenthal spoke on Power FM on South Africa’s aviation industry being ‘on verge of collapse’ and about writing to the National Treasury to ask for urgent government intervention in the airline industry.
29 April 2020
Radio interview with SAfm Radio: Chris Zweigenthal spoke about its approach to National Treasury to ask for urgent government intervention in the airline industry due to the prohibition of air travel as part of measures to curb the spread of COVID-19.
17 April 2020
Chris Zweigenthal Business Day TV interview: Turbulent times for airlines discussion with Michael Avery.
14 March 2020
[AASA Press Release] Airline travellers urged to practice good hygiene and stay at home if unwell.
9 March 2020
Chris Zweigenthal: Stakeholder engagement meeting with the Minister of Tourism.
4 March 2020
Parliamentary Portfolio Committee presentation: AASA submission on the Civil Aviation Amendment Bill [b 44- 2018].
7 - 9 February 2020
Chris Zweigenthal attended the Commercial Aviation Association of Southern Africa (CAASA) Strategic Planning Workshop.

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10 – 12 November 2019Chris Zweigenthal and Vivendra Lochan attended the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) AGA in Mauritius.
26 – 28 September 2019
Vivendra Lochan represented AASA at the CAASA Symposium in Stellenbosch.
24 – 28 September 2019
Chris Zweigenthal attended the 40th ICAO Assembly.
7 September 2019
Chris Zweigenthal attended the IATA Regional Aviation Forum in Nairobi and moderated a panel discussion.
29 – 30 August 2019
Chris Zweigenthal and Tatum Kok attended the SACAA National Gender Summit where Mr. Zweigenthal gave a short presentation, and signed a pledge in support of gender equality.
22 – 24 July 2019
Chris Zweigenthal attended the AU/AFCAC Workshop on SAATM preparedness in Kigali.