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     L  AASA 51st AGA 

September 29, 2021AASA news. 
Join us on 28 October 2021 at 12h00 - 15h00 (SAST)/10h00 - 13h00 (UTC) for the AASA 51st Annual General Assembly Zoom online session. 

The 51st AGA's focus is Regional Recovery and Sustainability and will feature premier aviation stakeholders from our Southern African region addressing future opportunities, collective initiatives for growing Southern Africa's aviation industry, and environmental sustainability.

For more information contact aga2021@aasa.za.net 

  L  Opening up the skies the only way to save southern Africa's airlines - new industry body CEO
October 15, 2021. Carin Smith for Fin24.

The aviation sector is facing the most devastating crisis since World War 2 – and the most likely route to helping southern Africa's regional airline industry survive is opening up the skies. This is according to Aaron Munetsi, new CEO of AASA.
    Munetsi believes the biggest opportunity for aviation in southern Africa is intra-regional air service connectivity. He says this is imperative for the SADC's overall economic recovery and future growth – having a commercially sustainable air transport industry that can connect and carry people and products between the region's markets and beyond. AASA is advocating for close coordination and cooperation between governments and industry - regardless of who owns the entities involved.

The framework for liberalising Africa's skies has evolved from the Yamoussoukro Declaration of 1988 to the Single Africa Air Transport Market (SAATM) of 2018, which now has 35 signatories. The post-pandemic restart is the perfect opportunity to kick-start the SAATM. It is essential to energise the African Continental Free Trade Agreement which supports and promotes the free movement of people, goods and services across the African continent. This will generate additional trade, promote employment, stability, security and unlock the broader GDP benefits that unimpeded intra-African air connectivity will bring for each country and its communities. Aaron Munetsi, AASA CEO

Munetsi foresees that AASA will continue to play an ever-increasing role in raising concerns and proposing solutions through interaction with all key stakeholders, including air transport policymakers and regulators. Read the original article...

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  L  [AASA MEDIA STATEMENT] Aaron Munetsi appointed as AASA CEO
September 27, 2021. AASA news.

Johannesburg. The Airlines Association of Southern Africa (AASA), announces that Aaron Munetsi has been appointed as its new Chief Executive Officer, with effect from 27 September 2021.

Mr Munetsi takes the helm from Wrenelle Stander.
    “Aaron is reputed for his industry knowledge and formidable network of relationships that he has built over his more than 30 years of commercial and aeropolitical experience in the airline industry. He has worked in Southern, Eastern and West Africa as well as the Middle East for airlines in the public and private sector, with industry bodies and as a consultant on aeropolitical affairs, all of which make him a natural fit and a great asset for AASA as its new CEO,” explained AASA Chairperson, Elmar Conradie.  
    “I am looking forward to leading AASA and building on the solid base that has been prepared by my predecessors and the team. I intend to apply my broad industry experience to finding common ground with policy makers, legislators, regulators and our industry partners in developing solutions to the key issues facing airlines throughout the Southern Africa Development Community,” said Mr Munetsi.  Download the media statement...

  L  Online Events / AASA

51st AGA

Regional Recovery and Sustainability

Join us at the AASA 51st Annual General Assembly online session. The 51st AGA's focus is Regional Recovery and Sustainability and will feature premier aviation stakeholders from our Southern African region. We look forward to hosting you.

Save the Date. 

Date: Thursday, 28 October 2021
Time: 12:00 - 15:00 (SAST)/10:00 - 13:00 (UTC)
Online Platform: Zoom / Meeting Details
Meeting ID: 852 9640 6528

RSVP or enquiries aga2021@aasa.za.net

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   L      Global news / 2021

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  L  The Growth Engines of the Global South 
October 11, 2021. Yaroslav Lissovolik for ModernDiplomacy.eu.

The divergence in growth performance across the global economy was notably affected by the C-19 pandemic, as China weathered the crisis notably better thus far compared to most of the developed economies. The new growth forecasts released by the IMF in July 2021 suggest that developing economies are set to grow by more than 6% in 2021 and by 5.2% in 2022 after a contraction of around 2% in 2020. Nonetheless, the key question concerning the growth path of the developing economies remains open: will the developing economies be able to create South-South platforms to open up markets and boost mutual trade and investment? 
    A common platform for economic cooperation across the Global South opens the possibility for the world economy to lower global imbalances via creating a “no core – no periphery” mode of cooperation. It could serve to close the gaps and “blind spots” in the scale of regional economic integration in the developing world, most notably the least-developed land-locked economies. Read more...

          ICAO news / 2021

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      ICAO COVID-19 Council Aviation Recovery Task Force (CART)   

The work of ICAO’s CART is aimed at providing practical, aligned guidance to governments and industry operators to restart the international air transport sector and recover from the impacts of C-19 on a coordinated global basis. 
    The CART’s work on its Recovery Report and the accompanying ‘Take-Off’ guidance for international aviation, has kept the health, safety, and security of the travelling public of paramount concern throughout. The guidelines are regularly reviewed and updated based on the latest medical and operational advice, and are intended to harmonize, not replace, the C-19 recovery roadmaps currently established by States, Regions, or industry groups. 
    The CART Take-off Guidance for air travel through the C-19 health crisis includes a section on Public Health Risk Mitigation Measures, in addition to four operational modules relating to Airport GuidelinesAircraft GuidelinesCrew Guidelines; and Cargo Guidelines.

          Africa news / 2021

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  L  Is a pan African Airline network on the cards for the region?
October 14, 2021. Logistics Update Africa.

After a challenging 18 months post the Covid pandemic, it looks like the African aviation industry may be looking at spreading its wings again and is set to revive itself and remerge stronger through mutual cooperation.
    Taking a leaf out of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and SAATM or the Single African Air Transport Market in place, both of which are aimed at the liberalisation of air transport in Africa and economic growth, Africa’s air carriers are now looking at forging mutually beneficial ties to boost intra-Africa air connectivity.
    Intra-African air connectivity has remained a challenge for the region and developing a pan African network is more imperative by the day, in a bid to connect more areas of the continent and to boost trade and economic activity and lift people out of poverty. Read more...

  L       IATA news 2021 

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  L  August 2021 Air Passenger Market Analysis 
Published September 30, 2021.   

Air travel demand decreases
Low vaccination rates in Africa slowing recovery

International RPKs of African carriers fell by 58.5% in August versus 2019. This is an improvement from the 60.4% fall in July, but the share of fully vaccinated people remains below 5% of the population, meaning that gains in traffic are at risk. Read more...  

  L  August 2021 Air Freight Market Analysis 
Published September 30, 2021.   

Air cargo volumes above

African airlines outperformed again

African airlines continued to lead the international CTK growth chart in August, reporting a 33.9% expansion vs. August 2019 – a 1.1ppts improvement on the growth in the same metric in July. Amongst the key regional routes, Africa-Asia has been showing the fastest expansion, at 26.4% vs. 2 years ago. Read more...  

          Southern Africa news / 2021 

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  L  African countries ready to welcome travellers; say pandemic helped reinvent the sector
August 31, 2021. Southern Times.

Africa’s Travel and Tourism Summit (ATTS) is set to reignite the continent’s travel sector after the effects of Covid-19. The summit's theme is Reawakening Africa, a fitting title considering the industry is doing all they can to rebuild a sector hard hit by C-19. Read more...

  L  Southern Africa region: look inward for tourism revival
August, 2021. Southern Times.

The Southern Africa region should tap into potential regional and continental tourism source markets to resuscitate a sector that has lost more than R20 billion (US$1.34 billion) and shed thousands of jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the United Nations Development Programme says. Read more...

  L       Environment news 2021

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  L  Combating the illegal trade of wildlife 
October, 2021. 

Transportation is the backbone of global trade, and traffickers of wild animals and wildlife products rely heavily on the efficiency of air travel and cargo carriers to smuggle illicit goods. Companies from the transportation and logistics sector can play a critical role in identifying and strengthening key risk points in the supply chains, thereby helping to prevent wildlife trafficking.

  L  Let's #EndWildlifeCrime

We need to protect wildlife for generations to come 

IATA is working with the aviation industry to support the work of enforcement agencies in combating the illegal trade in wildlife.​​​​ The aviation sector is proud to work with partners including ROUTES Partnership and United for Wildlife to combat illegal wildlife trafficking around the world. AASA supports the industry's initiatives to stop wildlife crime.