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New AASA Chairperson and Deputy elected for 2021

March 26, 2021

Dear Members,

It is my great pleasure to advise that at the AASA Business/General Meeting held on 17 March 2021, Mr Elmar Conradie, Chief Executive Officer of FlySafair was elected Chairperson of AASA, and Ms Agnes Khunwana, Chief Executive Officer of Air Botswana, was elected Deputy Chairperson of AASA.

On behalf of us all, I congratulate both Elmar and Agnes on their election, and wish them well during their tenure in these positions. We as the AASA team look forward to working with them, the Board and the Executive Committee to achieve the mandate given to us by you our Members to work in your mutual best interests on all the issues, initiatives and projects where we are involved and need to become involved. 

The above election was brought about through the resignation of Ms Wrenelle Stander as Chief Executive Officer of Comair and Chairperson of AASA on 30 November 2020. Wrenelle had been elected as Chairperson of AASA at the 2020 AASA Annual General meeting held on 8 October 2020.

Chris Zweigenthal,