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AASA 2017 AGA: African Pilot magazine's December issue cover story

December, 2017. African Pilot magazine. Cover story By Athol Franz. AASA held its 47th AGA from 12 to 15 October 2017, at the Wild Coast Sun in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province. African Pilot magazine has featured a cover story in its December issue.

Here are some snippets from the article on page 8:

"...Staged over three days from Thursday 12 to Saturday 14 October the conference drew nearly 300 delegates from all walks of aviation life. The Friday conference was very well organised with excellent speakers who spoke mostly on the conference subject (Building Human Capital for African Airlines).

Some highlights from keynote speakers addresses:

Paul Steele (senior vice president, member and external relations and corporate secretary of IATA) spoke about the sustainability and growth potential of African airlines, but that the overall picture on the African continent is not healthy because this year it is estimated that the airline industry will lose US$0.1 billion. 

Professor Nawal Taneja (Ohio state university, USA) spoke about the international perspective of building human capital and taking on board new technology. He spoke about ‘platform based business’ and gave the example of UBER, which is a US$ 60 billion business that does not own a single vehicle. He elaborated about new forms of transportation and gave examples of electric aircraft, supersonic airliners and driverless cars in the future. He posed the question that: “if technology takes over where will the human capital go?”

Thabi Leoka (Argon Asset Management) spoke about the current economics and its impact on human capital. She asked four questions:

1.   What are the main issues when dealing with human capital?
2.  How do airlines deal with new and emerging technology?
3.  How do airlines compete for qualified staff ?
4.  How do airlines compete on a regional and global basis?

Airlines in the region will face a potentially crippling shortage of skills and failure to hit employee transformation targets if governments do not fi x basic and tertiary education. Airlines and the entire aerospace industry are dependent on a pipeline of young, appropriately educated talent who they can prepare, with bridging training, for careers in the sector.
Chris Zweigenthal, AASA CEO, in his industry address at AASA's 2017 AGA

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