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Governments should play part in financing airline security - AASA CEO

June 6, 2018. Carin Smith for Fin24. There is still a huge focus on security in the airline industry, but the continuous monitoring it involves comes at a huge cost to airlines and raises the issue of the role of governments in covering costs, Chris Zweigenthal, CEO of AASA, told Fin24 at the 74th AGM of IATA in Sydney

“The issue is where do governments come in as part of its responsibility for national security. The question is how much of the cost for security governments should bear, because airport costs for security processes will get passed on to passengers,” he said.

There should be more of a shared responsibility of security costs between the aviation industry and governments. My view has always been that you have to assess the level of risk posed. Make sure the industry does not go against national security, but implement measures appropriate for the level of risk posed.
Chris Zweigenthal, AASA CEO, at the IATA 74th AGA

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