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Not just challenges in African aviation - AASA CEO

May 23, 2018. Fin24. Challenges continue to confront the aviation industry in Africa, Chris Zweigenthal, CEO of AASA, said on Wednesday. He addressed the 27th African Aviation Summit, Air Finance Africa 2018
    "There has certainly been significant movement forward in airline business development, in the regulatory arena and with infrastructure development," he told delegates. 
    "I am an eternal optimist and am convinced African aviation will successfully tackle its difficulties and take its rightful place on the global aviation stage." 
    Africa holds around a 3% share of the global air transport market.

Travel and Tourism, for leisure and business, is the fastest growing sector in the world and represents one of the largest growth opportunities in Africa...to take full advantage of the opportunity offered by the tourism industry, certain inhibitors must first be removed. These include artificial barriers to market access; connectivity; investment; and high costs associated with travel. Many of us, who have the best interests of African aviation at heart, will reflect on the arduous 30-year struggle to relax, if not remove entirely, those barriers, which do not just stunt airline business, but economic activity, growth and social development in their broadest sense in Africa.
Chris Zweigenthal, AASA CEO, at the 27th African Aviation Summit, Air Finance Africa 2018

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