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The green aviation debate

AASA addresses the green aviation debate and presents a variety of views and articles, to encourage debate and action, including:

  • IATA's analysis on the cost of going green;
  • the Booz & Company (now PWC's Strategy&)'s assertion that airlines have no choice but to reduce their consumption of jet fuel in their analysis of the future of green aviation;
  • an article by National Geographic about advances that will change air travel such as new commercial plane designs, alternative fuels, flight patterns, and airport architecture; and
  • a thought-provoking article by Green Futures, part of the Guardian Environment Network, that questions whether the aviation industry, in need of radical innovation to address its high carbon footprint, could ever really be green.

IATA Airlines International analysis: the cost of going green
May 24, 2016. Martin Rivers for IATA. Having pledged to pursue carbon-neutral growth from 2020, airlines are committed to reducing the environmental cost of flying even as they gear up for decades of continued growth in air transport. 
    A key tool in achieving this is the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) — a global market-based mechanism that will help airlines to effectively cap net emissions at 2020 levels.

Booz & Company (now PWC's Strategy&): The Future of Green Aviation 

Airlines today are faced with a dramatically changing business landscape, largely because of volatile jet fuel prices and the pressure of climate change and its affects on the environment. Airlines must reduce their consumption of oil-based jet fuel by investing in more fuel-efficient technologies, nurturing the growth of alternative energies, and, more immediately, and change their business models and metrics by which performance is measured...Download the pdf documentwww.strategyand.pwc.com/Future_of_Green_Aviation.pdf 

5 Advances That Will Change Air Travel
May 2, 2017. National Geographic. 

New plane designs, alternative fuels, flight patterns, and even airport architecture promise to shrink aviation's carbon footprint. This article is part of National Geographics Urban Expeditions series, an initiative made possible by a grant from United Technologies to the National Geographic Society.  

Can the aviation industry ever be green?
January 8, 2010. Guardian Environment Network. 

Cutting emissions on the scale required to meet carbon targets means big changes in either how, or how much, we fly. Roger East sees an industry in need of radical innovation and asks, can it go fast – and far – enough? From Green Futures, part of the Guardian Environment Network.