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Airlines Association of Southern Africa (AASA)

In Southern Africa, AASA leads and coordinates the airline industry position on airport, airspace and civil aviation issues.

AASA is the leading representative airline organisation within southern Africa, working together with leaders of the aviation industry and senior public and government officials on policy, regulatory, planning, operational, safety, security and financial matters affecting the overall profitability of the airlines and their continued sustainability. 

The Airlines Association of Southern Africa (AASA) was establilshed in 1970 to represent the mutual interests of its Members. Membership is open to all airlines based in countries south of the equator, including the Indian Ocean Islands. 

There are currently 16 Airline Members. In addition, Associate Membership is open to airline partner organisations. There are currently 35 Associate Members, including infrastructure service providers, several oil companies, major aircraft manufacturers, engine manufacturers, ground handling companies, service providers, other industry associations and partners. 

AASA also leads and coordinates the airline industry position on airport, airspace and civil aviation issues, as well as consumer legislation, environmental and tourism matters, and provides media response to important industry issues. 

AASA’s responsibility includes the representation of SADC-based airlines on the SADC Civil Aviation Committee as the Airline Consultative Member. 

AASA is also a regular participant and contributor to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) initiatives in the region. With AASA’s focus concentrated on any issue impacting the airline business, the regular liaison and good working relationship with its Members and partners is highly valued.

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 L  AASA & IATA Training Programmes

 L  AASA Training Programmes

Time: 09: 00 – 17:00 
Date: Wednesday, 29th March 2023 – a full day of learning and doing. 
Venue: The Protea Hotel – OR Tambo 

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 L   Africa signals post-pandemic shift away from widebodies
September 192023. Victoria Moores for Air Transport World/Aviation Week Network,

While African airlines appear to be rapidly growing their regional jet and turboprop operations, with narrowbody flown hours on the increase, widebody utilization remains below pre-pandemic, potentially indicating increased intra-African flying and capacity right-sizing.
    An interesting picture is emerging in Africa. The good news is that African airlines’ August 2023 traffic reached 98.4% of August 2019 levels, indicating substantial market recovery, according to the latest data from the African Airlines Association (AFRAA). Read more...  

There is no one-size-fits all solution for Africa as the continent includes many different markets and geographies. Africa is a vast continent of 55 countries and five regional economic communities, each with its own peculiarities. The aviation industry in each region has developed to different degrees. Aaron Munetsi, AASA CEO 

 L   AFRAA and IATA team on “Focus Africa”
August 242023. Air Insight Group News,

International airline lobby organization IATA and the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) combine resources to drive the Focus Africa initiative. This program aims “to maximize aviation’s contribution to development across the African Continent by better-serving passengers and shippers.”

The AFRAA and IATA collaboration comes at an auspicious time. Especially the focus on “improve data sharing, prioritizing the accurate communication of aeronautical information.” This collaboration would benefit from the work undertaken at AASA in South Africa. AASA’s CEO Aaron Munetsi’s vision is to share data among its members to improve decision-making in a highly competitive market. Whereas competitive reaction is typically shy away from data sharing, data sharing helps the entire industry. Read more... 

 L   Implementation of e-Visas: South African Advance Passenger Processing (APP) - A Guide for Airlines  
August 24, 2023. SA Department of Home Affairs News.

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) of South Africa implements the Advance Passenger Processing (APP), enabling the Government to perform advance passenger screening for all passengers and crew travelling by air to, from and through South Africa. 

The government is focused on reducing the number of inadmissible persons arriving at ports of entry and has mandated that all airlines comply with the directive of becoming APP compliant.
By working together with Airlines DHA will reduce the administrative overheads associated with intervening at the point of entry and having to impose fines on airlines for allowing inadmissible persons on board flights to South Africa.
    AASA Airline Members are advised to familiarise themselves particularly with page 12 of the APP Guide for Airlines as follows: 

The passenger’s visa has been confirmed by APP to be valid. Airlines should verify that the passenger has an outward ticket (return / onward) before allowing the passenger to board. If the passenger does not have an outward ticket, he or she should not be permitted to board and the check-in agent is required to send a cancellation transaction to notify DHA that the passenger will not be traveling.
   South Africa has commenced with the implementation of its electronic visa system (e-Visa) since 17 August 2021.   
   e-Visa is a virtual visa and can therefore not be visually inspected by airline personnel and their duly appointed handling agents. APP authenticates e-Visas by returning boarding directive 8519 (Board with OWT) to the airline. Successful applicants are also issued with a confirmation notice that could be authenticated by scanning the QR code. Confirmation notices should not be accepted at face value.  

Disclaimer: The information provided is correct as at 24 August 2023. Before travel, please check with the nearest South African Embassy for the most up-to-date information.

 L   A warm AASA welcome to our new Associate Member: Africa Standards and Certifications (ASC)  
August 21, 2023. AASA News.

AASA is pleased to announce that Africa Standards and Certifications (ASC) has joined as an Associate Member as of 1 September. ASC’s team of experts ensures products are tested and certified against international and local standards in order to strengthen brand trust, have a competitive edge and gain access to multiple markets globally. Read more about the Benefits of AASA Membership...

 L   African airlines urged to realize AfCFTA by implementing SAATM
June 21, 2023. ENA News.

Addis Ababa. Airlines in Africa should implement the Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM) in order to facilitate the realization of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) initiative, according to Ethiopian CEO Mesfin Tasew.
    Aaron Munetsi, AASA CEO, is in agreement and says the most important elements of the African Union Agenda 2063 are their flagship projects: SAATM and AfCFTA. He believes that the two initiatives would enable Africans to start doing even more things in terms of providing airlift not only for passengers but for goods and services to be able to move around the African continent.

 L   IATA launches program to improve aviation safety in Africa
June 20, 2023. IATA News,

Addis Ababa. IATA is launching the Collaborative Aviation Safety Improvement Program (CASIP) to reduce the accident and serious incident rate across Africa as part of the Focus Africa initiative. 
    Launch partners in the program include: The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), The African Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC), The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Boeing, and the Airlines Association of Southern Africa (AASA). Read more...  

 L   AirlinePros becomes Associate Member of AASA
June 16, 2023. PAX News.

Karl Müller, director of AirlinePros Canada, has announced the induction of AirlinePros as an Associate Member of the Airlines Association of Southern Africa (AASA). Since 2014, AirlinePros Canada has marketed, introduced, disseminated and successfully made available in GDS and configured in to BSP/IATA more than 25 African airlines. Read more...

AASA welcomes AirlinePros as an associate member whose role towards enhancing the ability of our member airlines to have the best possible representation in various regions is a critical success factor in these competitive markets. We are confident that our member airlines will establish a mutually beneficial relationship with AirlinePros for the benefit of the industry. Aaron Munetsi, AASA CEO

 L   AviaDev Africa 2023 Conference: Strategizing for Success
June 15, 2023. AASA News.

Naorobi, KenyaAaron Munetsi, AASA CEO, attended AviaDev Africa as a Moderator for 15 June Plenary Session (10:45 - 11:45) discussing the topic Strategizing for Success: How Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have helped airlines adapt their strategies to deliver new routes and revenue streams during and after the pandemic. The Session will address the question: How have the OEMs supported their customers to adapt their strategy to opened new routes and revenue streams during and since the pandemic?  Read the full AviaDev Agenda...

Above: Aaron Munetsi (AASA CEO) moderating the panel discussion Strategizing for Success: How Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have helped airlines adapt their strategies to deliver new routes and revenue streams during and after the pandemic.

 L   TIFA: AASA CEO moderates Access, Connectivity and Mobility Opportunities panel
June 9, 2023. Business Day.

Upington, South Africa. The inaugural Tourism Investment Forum Africa (TIFA) Forging Global Partnerships for Inclusive Local Economic Development through Sustainable Investment was held in Upington from 7 - 9 June. Aaron Munetsi, AASA CEO, moderated the panel 4 session: Access, Connectivity and Mobility Opportunities: Creating conditions for a successful African transport sector to drive intra-Africa trade and tourism through infrastructure investments. Read more...

Above (L to R): Caroline Ungersbock (Sustainable Tourism Partnership Programme, SA, CEO), H.E. Major General Gaudence Salim Milanzi (High Commissioner, Republic of Tanzania); David King (Access Strategy Manager, Wesgro, South Africa); and Aaron Munetsi (AASA CEO).

 L   IATA lambasts ACSA and SA ATNS
June 7, 2023. Molly Jackson for SA Travel News.

Istanbul. Airports in South Africa have been singled out for harsh criticism by IATA DG, Willie Walsh at the IATA AGM in Istanbul this week. While Walsh applauded the fact that airlines were on their way to a profitable, safe, efficient, and sustainable future, he said many of those with whom airlines do business were adding to pressures on those same airlines. Read more... 

AASA, on behalf of its members, which comprise most of the SADC carriers, is in an ongoing engagement with both ACSA and ATNS and their respective regulators, in a bid to contain any increases. As an industry that plays such a significant role in the region's economic mix, we recognise how crucial it is that air transport remains affordable and accessible. Any major shock increases, such as the ones proposed, will act as a handbrake on domestic, regional, and long-haul travel, tourism, and trade in an already fragile economy. Aaron Munetsi, AASA CEO

 L   ​​IAFCAC, AASA Join Forces with IATA on Focus Africa  
June 6, 2023. IATA News.

Strengthening aviation’s economic contribution on the Continent

Istanbul. The International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) “Focus Africa” drive is gaining momentum, spurred on by the African Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC) and the Airlines Association of Southern Africa (AASA) as its newest partners.

Time is not on our side as AASA’s members and the communities they serve face rising costs, unprecedented unemployment, obsolete constraints on trade and market access, inadequate infrastructure and a looming skills shortage. These demand urgent action, so we do not get stranded on the runway. It is why we have no hesitation standing with IATA and Focus Africa partners. Aaron Munetsi, AASA CEO

Above (L to R): Aaron Munetsi (AASA CEO), Adefunke Adeyemi (AFCAC SG), Willie Walsh (IATA DG), Kamil Al-Awadi (IATA Regional VP AME)

Focus Africa will strengthen aviation’s contribution to Africa’s economic and social development and improve connectivity, safety and reliability for passengers and shippers. It will see private and public stakeholders deliver measurable progress in six critical areas: safety, infrastructure, connectivity, finance and distribution, sustainability and skills development. Read more...

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 L        Skills Development / 2023 

 L  AASA & IATA Training Programmes

     AASA Training Programmes

Time: 09: 00 – 17:00 
Date: Wednesday, 29th March 2023 – a full day of learning and doing. 
Venue: The Protea Hotel – OR Tambo 
Address: Corner of York &, Gladiator Street, Rhodesfield, Kempton Park, Johannesburg, 1619 
Phone: +27 011 977 2600

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 L   36 participants from AASA Member Airlines attend successful Business Solutions by AASA training session
March 31, 2023. AASA News. 

AASA in collaboration with aviation industry partners, Hahn AirHitit and AerCap, hosted a successful ‘Business Solutions by AASA’ Session on the 29 March 2023 in Johannesburg. 
    36 participants from AASA Member airlines including: Air BotswanaAir Zimbabwe Private LimitedAirlinkFly SafairEswatini AirProflight ZambiaSouth African AirwaysLAM Mozambique Airlines took a fresh look on the critical areas of Revenue Management, Fleet Planning, and Network Planning. 
    The objective of the day was simple, straightforward, and driven by the need to give AASA Airline members the opportunity to develop or enhance processes specific to their business.
    The sessions were facilitated by experienced aviation executives who gave participants the opportunity to evaluate some of the challenges they face in their different work environments. The participants also practiced what they had learnt through practical exercises that had been developed by the facilitators. Sean Mendis facilitated the Fleet Planning session; Jerome Simelane facilitated the Revenue Management session; Phillip Collings of Hahn Air facilitated the Distributions session; and Orhan Sivrikaya of Hitit facilitated the Network Planning Session. 
    Click on Downloads & Photographs for more information.

     L   Everything you need to know about the SARS Travel Declaration System @ Airports

Download the latest February 2023 Project Update.

      L   What's New?

     Webinar on South African Traveller Declaration
November 17, 2022

If you missed the recent webinar on the online Traveller Declaration system, you can view it on the SARS TV channel. Or you can view the Traveller Declaration system presentation delivered during the webinar here. The webinar provided more information about the new traveller declaration system. SARS Customs intends running a pilot project at King Shaka International Airport starting 29 November 2022. The system will progressively be implemented at all South African ports of entry. Keep an eye on the Traveller Declaration webpage for more information.

     SARS implements Smart Borders 
October 20, 2022.

Travellers are required by law to make certain declarations of goods and cash on entering or leaving South Africa. The declaration process is in line with practices around the world and in compliance with the provision of the Customs and Excise Act No. 91 of 1964 which makes it mandatory for any person entering and leaving the Republic to declare any goods in their possession. Read more...

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  L  Global airlines' blocked payments up 47% to $2.3bn, IATA says
June 4, 2023. Patrick Lawlor for EInvesticNews.

Global airlines are owed $2.3 bn by governments around the world, depriving the aviation industry of much-needed cash, risking reduced air connectivity and damaging investors' perceptions of these economies, IATA said on Sunday. The amount of airline revenue prevented by governments from repatriation has jumped by 47 per cent in the last 12 months, the industry body said at a press briefing in Istanbul. Read more...

      Worldwide, air passenger travel continues its strong recovery
May 5, 2023. Rebecca Campbell for Engineering News.

Global air passenger traffic continued, in March, to recover strongly from the C-19 pandemic, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has reported. Total air passenger traffic in that month jumped 52.4% in year-on-year (y-o-y) terms, and reached 88% of March 2019 (pre-C-19) levels. The recovery was led by the Asia-Pacific region, but all markets reported growth. Read more...

  L  WEF 2023 Insight Report - AfCFTA: A New Era for Global Business and Investment in Africa
January 30, 2023. WEF Publication.

The AfCFTA will provide important opportunities for Africa, increasing international exports and intra-African trade

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has published their 2023 Insight Report AfCFTA: A New Era for Global Business and Investment in Africa that focuses on how logistics companies are responding to the free trade agreement. Officially launched in 2021, the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) creates a single market projected to grow to 1.7 billion people and $6.7 trillion in consumer and business spending by 2030.
    The preferential trade agreement will increase international exports and intra-African trade, unlocking opportunities for local and global businesses to enter into and expand in new markets in Africa. Download the report...

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  L  IATA joins forces with FAA, ICAO & more to improve aviation safety in Africa 
June 23, 2023. Tatenda Karuwa for Simple Flying.

Safety is one of the critical areas of the Focus Africa initiative.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is launching a new program to enhance safety in the aviation industry. The Collaborative Aviation Safety Improvement Program (CASIP) will significantly reduce the rate of accidents and fatal incidents across the continent. 
    The program is part of the IATA Focus Africa initiative and was first announced in Addis Ababa in the presence of most African aviation stakeholders. Focus Africa is meant to enhance aviation's contribution to the continent's development, and safety is one of the critical areas that must be addressed. Read more... 

  L  African Airlines: Sustainability Comes After Survivability 
June 20, 2023. Tatenda Karuwa for Simple Flying.

Aviation stakeholders have been working together for several years to reduce the impact of air travel on the environment. Sustainability has been the top priority, with airlines, airports, and manufacturers investing millions in research, new aircraft technology, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), and other emission reduction initiatives. Although it is a top priority, not every airline can afford to invest the same funds to implement these environmental solutions. It is even more difficult in Africa, where carriers face significantly high operating costs due to insufficient infrastructure and a weakening economic climate. Read more...

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  L  Africa braces for expanded aviation networks 

June 12, 2023. BizCommunity News.

Cape Town Air Access (CTAA) has confirmed its participation at AviaDev Africa 2023 in Nairobi from 14 to 16 June. Wesgro powers Cape Town Air Access (CTAA), a public-private ecosystem initiative.
    Gathering more than 400 attendees from airlines, airports, and tourism boards, the event provides engagement with the African aviation landscape, providing an opportunity to identify new direct routes, and to expand on existing frequencies.  Read more...

  L  Airports Company of Zimbabwe (ACZ) and Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) collaborate to lure more airlines 

June 16, 2023. BusinessTech.

ACZ and ZTA have joined hands to ensure enhanced collaboration towards luring more airlines into the country so as to promote tourism business activity. Read more... 

  L       IATA News


News 2023  

  L  July 2023 Air Passenger Market Analysis
Published September 6, 2023. IATA Economic Reports.

Passenger recovery on track         
African airlines seat capacity up 25.6% YoY 

African airlines saw a 25.6% traffic increase in July 2023 versus a year ago, the second highest percentage gain among the regions. July capacity was up 27.4% and load factor fell 1.0 percentage point to 73.9%, the lowest among the regions. For a second month in a row, Africa was the only region to see capacity growth outrun traffic demand. Read more...  

  L  July 2023 Air Freight Market Analysis 
Published September 5, 2023. IATA Economic Reports.

Air cargo demand stable   
African airlines report strong growth in cargo volumes 

African airlines had the strongest performance in July 2023 with a 2.9% increase in cargo volumes - capacity was 11.0% above July 2022 levels. The Africa-Asia routes experienced significant cargo demand growth returning to double-digit growth of 10.3% YoY from -4.8% in June. Read more...

  L  IATA Focus Africa Conference to strengthen aviation’s contribution to African development
May 15, 2023. ARGS Bews,

“Over the next 15 years, Africa’s passenger traffic is expected to double.” Willie Walsh, IATA’s DG

IATA has announced the Focus Africa Conference will cover six priorities under IATA’s Focus Africa to strengthen aviation’s contribution to the continent’s economic and social development, and improve connectivity, safety and reliability for passengers and shippers. The Conference is being held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on 20-21 June 2023. Read more...  

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  L IATA Releases Industry Net Zero Tracking Methodology to Guide Industry Emission Reporting
July 6, 2023. IATA News.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) will publish an annual Track Zero report using IATA’s Net Zero Tracking Methodology to report industry-level progress towards aviation’s commitment to Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. The Net Zero Tracking Methodology and related reporting process were developed with industry experts. IATA will aggregate and report annually inputs from IATA member airlines on an industry basis. Read more...

  L Sasol, Topsoe form JV to accelerate global production of sustainable aviation fuel
June 21, 2023. Engineering News.

South African energy and chemicals group Sasol and the Danish decarbonisation technology company Topsoe have formed a 50:50 joint venture (JV) to develop, build, own, and operate drop-in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) plants globally. Read more...

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  L   ICAO approves new standards for safer air transport   
March 27, 2023. ICAO News.

DFMC GNSS permits the combined leveraging of dual frequency signals from up to four GNSS constellations simultaneously

The ICAO Council achieved a major milestone this week in the global standardization and roll-out of new dual-frequency multi-constellation (DFMC) capabilities for international aviation’s Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS): 
    “This is an important development toward improving the safety, efficiency and sustainability of international air transport through more precise airspace management and more efficient routes and procedures,” said Council President Salvatore Sciacchitano. Read more...

  L   African govts, air cargo must seize opportunities offered by SAATM, AfCFTA   
February 28, 2023. The STRAT Trade Times.

Working in collaboration with multilateral institutions such as AU, ICAO, the World Bank Group and others, they can together ensure close alignment and maximize effective implementation of both.

Africa's share in global air cargo movement is insignificant to put it simply. There are many regulatory and infrastructural challenges that the continent faces while it intends to capture more air cargo volume and improve its economic landscape. However, there are rays of hope that businesses and the African air cargo community could see. Read more...