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Arabella Hotel, Golf & Spa
Kleinmond, Hermanus,
Cape Town, South Africa


13 to 16 October 2022

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Office +27 (0)11 609 0050 
Fax 086 511 2332 
Email aasa@aasa.za.net 


We are Angola’s national carrier and the gateway to Africa. Our experience and longstanding team promises quality, reliability and care.


  • Making dreams take off.
  • The horizon represents a beautiful dance of possibilities. A families’ desire to reunite with loved ones, a traveller’s wish to explore the world, a businessman’s next opportunity, or a youth’s exciting future.
  • No matter how fast we move or how far we go, the horizon remains beyond our reach, inviting us to broaden our limits. We make the horizon our goal; To inspire a new generation to sail into the unknown with hope.
  • To invite the world to discover what Africa is truly about. And to remind us that excellence is a flight that never ends.
  • As Angola becomes the new gateway to Africa, we will be the connector that enables the world to embrace its true potential. Becoming the vessel through which passions are explored.
  • We’re ready to inspire the world with our energy, because at TAAG we make dreams take off. 


  • ACT WITH CARE Being Angolan at heart, we welcome and approach everything with great care and attention to detail.
  • EMBRACE MODERNITY We acknowledge the importance of having a digital mindset, adapting to the evolving needs of our customers, industry and society.
  • STRIVE FOR BETTER Our pursuit for excellence drives us to continuously improve, deliver consistent service and go beyond the expected.


  • WE ARE WARM Friendly, welcoming and enthusiastic.
  • WE ARE SPIRITED Confident, authentic and passionate.
  • WE ARE COMMITTED Driven, reliable and dedicated. We are Resilient. Adaptive, determined and experienced.

Grateful for every flight.