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Luanda, Angola


5 to 8 October 2022

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Opening Address
From Angola to the World: Investment Perspectives and Opportunities

Dr. Ricardo Daniel Sandão Viegas d'Abreu Angolan Minister of Transport

In his Opening Address, Dr. Ricardo Daniel Sandão Viegas d'Abreu Angola's Minister of Transport, explained how air transport and connectivity are at the fulcrum of the country’s bold economic development strategy . Download the From Angola to the World: Investment Perspectives and Opportunities presentation for more information.

CEO Industry Address

Mr. Aaron Munetsi AASA, CEO

In his CEO Industry Address, Aaron Munetsi, AASA CEO, warned that poor intra-Africa airline connectivity, inadequate infrastructure together with unclear policies, inconsistent regulations and rising aviation taxes and other statutory charges are depriving African economies from reaching their full potential

AASA’s industry priorities and remedies for the year ahead include a call to authorities to: 

  • Permit the establishment of at least 200 new intra-Africa city pairs by 2030.
  • Ensure airports in the region are operationally fit-for-purpose, cost-efficient and subject to industry service level agreements.
  • Apply user charges, taxes and other statutory charges on air travel that are realistic, reflect the services and facilities provided.
  • Make intra-Africa travel visa free for all passport holders.
  • Provide a regulatory framework that enables the provision of competitive and affordable intra-Africa travel and air cargo services.
  • Standardise training curricula, qualifications and licences so that anyone with aviation skills acquired in one African country can work anywhere on the continent.

In the year ahead, AASA will also continue to participate in dialogues to achieve the following:

  • Standardise and harmonise legislation.
  • Financially incentivise sustainable aviation fuel initiatives.
  • Provide for flexibility in the application of the monitoring mechanisms in the region.
  • Allocate financial resources from governments for aviation decarbonisation. 

Keynote Address
Call to Action: Succeeding together - IATA Focus Africa 

Mr. Kamil Al-Awadhi IATA, Regional Vice-President AME

Mr. Al-Awadhi shared his passion for Africa, and a call to action for delegates to embrace and partner with IATA's Focus Africa Initiative enabling the SADC aviation community to succeed together.

In a world where aviation continues to play a crucial role in connecting people and facilitating economic growth, Africa stands out as the region with the greatest potential. Focus Africa is a collaborative initiative, pooling together resources from across the aviation value chain, to urgently address critical challenges hindering the advancement of aviation across Africa. Focus Africa strengthens and builds on decades of partnerships and engagement with African countries and aviation stakeholders to meet clear and measurable objectives.

At the IATA AGM held in Istanbul In June 2023, AFCAC, and AASA joined forces with IATA to launch the Focus Africa initiative. The initiative focuses on six key areas:

  • Safety: Improve operational safety through a data-driven, collaborative program to reduce safety incidents and accidents, in the air and on the ground.
  • Infrastructure: Facilitate the growth of efficient, secure, and cost-effective aviation infrastructure to improve customer experience and operational efficiency.
  • Connectivity: Promote the liberalization of intra-African market access through the Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM).
  • Finance & Distribution: Accelerate the implementation of secure, effective, and cost-efficient financial services and adoption of modern retailing standards.
  • Sustainability: Assist Africa’s air transport industry to achieve the “Net Zero by 2050” emissions targets agreed to by industry and the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) member states.
  • Future Skills: Promote aviation as a career path to ensure a steady supply of diverse talent ready to meet future industry needs.

Download Mr. Al-Awadhi's complete industry address.

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